🎁Product Update - Shareable preview links, user groups and the Workforce Single Sign-on add-on

27 May 2022

This release is all about making teamwork easier. Collaboration is a key part of your role and our latest updates make it easier for teams of all shapes and sizes to get involved.

Release date

  • Australia / NZ: 3 June 2022
  • North America / Europe: 2 June 2022

Summary of key updates

  • New ability to share draft pages with shareable links (no login required)
  • Ability to create participant groups and assign them to private projects
  • Workforce Single Sign-on for to leverage Identify Management Providers for site users and internal engagements

Notable customer impacts

  • Community Member access to restricted projects will now be made via the Projects area of the Dashboard (rather than the Settings of a project page)

Release notes

Shareable preview links

This is the update that you have been waiting for. The HiVE’s new sharable links make it easier for your team to collaborate on projects while they’re in draft mode.

Previously, all users required an account in order to view a draft page, even if they didn’t use the platform directly. You can now generate, copy and share a link to any draft page to let someone preview your content, even if they don't have an account on the platform. You can get the link from the Projects area of the Dashboard, next to the project's name.

Anyone with the link can view the page (so be cautious with who you share this with). Links automatically expire after 14 days, but you can extend this.

Custom user groups

You can now create user groups and provide them with access to private projects. Rather than specifying the individual names of each member to provide access, you can add them to user groups and then assign the whole group to the project via the Projects area of the Dashboard.

The update includes tools to bulk add and remove members from the user groups, which you can access from the Members area of the Dashboard.

Workforce Single sign-on (SSO) add-on upgrade

Our Workforce Single-Sign-On is a session and user authentication service that lets your internal users use one set of login credentials, such as a name and password to access multiple applications.

It leverages your organisation's Identity and Access Management provider (or IAM) such as Active Directory, Okta and Auth0, making it easier for users to log in to the platform. It also enhances the security of your site. When signing in, your users will see a separate log-in button.

This update now makes it possible to use the SSO add-on to manage user groups that you can set up within your IAM.

You can now use this feature to easily conduct large-scale, internal engagements with your workforce. They won't need a user account on The HiVE and can log in with their existing credentials. This will unlock new opportunities for using The HiVE for staff engagement.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about the add-on and its possibilities.