Custom user groups enable you to create groups of users and then use those groups to control access to private projects.

Although SSO groups are not managed through this mechanism they do appear in the project access controls alongside user groups so the final section of this page.

Creating, Renaming or Deleting a User Group

To create a custom user group go to the Members page from your Dashboard menu and click the button titled “Manage User Groups”, you will be presented with a modal that lists existing groups and enables you to edit their names or delete them.

To add a new group click the “Add Group” button. When you add a group you simply need to give it a name, limited to 40 characters, in the modal and submit. After adding it you will see a success message and it will be listed with any other groups you have.

Managing Members of a Custom User Group

You can add users to a custom user group by going to the Members page from your Dashboard menu. There you can select the users you want to add to a group in the table, using the table filters and increasing the table view length if required. Once you have the users selected you can, from the Actions menu at the top left of the table, select to add them to a group. This opens a modal where you can search for existing groups (group creation is detailed above) to add the users to.

Using Customer User Groups to Control Access

User Groups Management Modal

If you have added groups and then added users to those groups (above) you can now use the groups to control access to a private project. To do this you should select the Projects page from your Dashboard menu. On the projects page you will be able to see, for private projects, a button with a lock icon labelled “Access” under the project name. Clicking this takes you to the access page for that project.

On the access page you will first be presented with a user access section where individual users can be granted access, by clicking the “add” button next to a user name. You can add users or remove them after they are added by clicking the “remove” button when they are in the right side column. This section also has a bulk user upload facility which allows you to upload a CSV file of user emails to add them in bulk to a project.

Below the user access section is the group access section. Groups can be added and removed from project access here in the same manner as users. If you have the SSO add-on then SSO groups will also appear here in the format “SSO Users / Group Name”. There will also be a group called “SSO Users” which represents all SSO Users and adding this group gives all SSO Users access to the project.