Shareable Preview links enable the creation of a link that provides access to a draft project in SPP without the need for the user to login.

A woman smiling using a laptop, with the sharable link modal inset.

How To's

Creating a Shareable Preview Link

This is mostly used to share a private project to a select number of people creating them is fairly easy! Here's how:

  1. Go to Dashboard.
  2. Click on 'Projects'. Use Search to find the project you want to create a preview link for.
  3. Select the "Preview link" option for that project.
  4. A window will appear click on the "create link" button.
  5. A preview link for the project will be generated. You can share this link with others to allow them to preview the project without having to login.

⚠️NOTE: Any contributions submitted via the Preview Link will appear in your reports once the project is published.

Sharing draft sub-pages or news pages?

There are some circumstances where a page is already published, and you may only need to share a new draft sub-page. Perhaps you have a news page that needs to be reviewed before being sent out? You can create shareable links for these pages too.

How to share a link for a draft sub-page or news page:

You will need both the preview user share link and the draft page URL you want to share:

  1. Create the preview share link for the project as you would normally.
  2. Then copy the URL of the draft page. Send both links to your intended audience
  3. The user will first need to enter the preview link URL - this authenticates them as a preview user
  4. Then they can access the draft news page via the draft page URL.

🎯Key Actions

Preview Link Expiration

Each link automatically expires after 14 days, in the last 7 days you can refresh the link and add more time by going back to the modal. You can also expire/delete the link by clicking the red Delete Link button at the bottom of the modal.

Using a Shareable Preview Link for Access

Anyone with the link can simply click it and access the draft project. This also means you should think carefully about who will have access when you share the link. If you are concerned the link has been shared further than you intended you can delete the link (below) and create a new one.