Your full obligations are outlined in our Terms of Service, but here's the essentials:

  • Manage Site Users. You are responsible for managing the Site Users within your organisation and ensuring that each individual user of the platform meets the required terms and conditions. Each individual user must have their own account - no generic accounts are allowed. You should also remove old Site Users who are no longer at your organisation to ensure a secure environment.
  • Provide first-line support and training. If other members of your organization are using the platform, you will need to provide them with basic help and support, provide training (outside of any agreed training provided by us) and answer common questions.
  • Lodge technical issues. If you do encounter a technical issue, you must lodge a ticket on our Helpdesk, even if you have spoken to or emailed our team. This will help us ensure we can take care of your issue as quickly as possible. Also, remember that only designated support contacts can lodge support requests, and you will be required to assist us in solving the issue by providing the information we ask for.
  • Post appropriate terms. You are required to develop and post any terms of use, privacy policies or other content that will ensure you meet your obligations of any applicable legislation or laws, as well as any agreement between your organisation and Harvest.
  • Manage subscription renewals. It is up to you to monitor and manage your subscription and any internal renewal or procurement processes you may have. Make sure to leave enough time before your subscription expires to ensure you will not have any gaps in your service.
  • Action referred contributions. Our moderators do not have the ability to reject user generated content, only to refer it. You are responsible for actioning any referred moderation tickets and responding to participants.
  • Support participants. We do not directly support end-users or participants. If a technical issue or question arises, you can refer these to us, but you must provide the response to them as appropriate.