One of the most powerful features of Social Pinpoint is the built-in notification and email functionality that alert your users of various activities taking place on your site. These features automatically execute simple system notifications around key events, as well assisting you to deliver more complex communications that drive engagement.

A range of automated notifications, triggered when certain actions are performed, help notify users of events. These provide users with critical information and help you administer your site.

More complex email campaigns can be sent both automatically and manually from the platform to provide participants with project updates, alerts of new participation opportunities, and general broadcast information (such as newsletters).

The Emails area of the Dashboard provides visibility over the campaigns sent from the platform, allows the creation of manual campaigns, the ability view campaign reports, and access to a range of managed subscriber lists.

The Emails area of the Dashboard is accessible to Single Project, Professional and Premium subscribers. For Single Project and Professional subscribers, only Site Administrators will have access, whereas Premium subscribers will enjoy access by both Site Administrators and General Users.

For Premium subscribers, all campaigns and lists are access controlled, meaning General Users will only be able to view lists and campaigns associated with projects they have access to. Team Leads will be able to view lists and campaigns for projects assigned to their Teams, and Site Administrators will be able to view all lists and campaigns.

Currently only Site Administrators can create manual campaigns across all subscription levels.

You can read more about the key areas of the email system below.