The HiVE includes a sophisticated user management system that lets you control and manage the internal admin users of your site. Your Site Users launch new projects, build and manage pages and content, use admin functions and tools such as the moderation interface, and access data and reports.

To gain access to your site, each user requires a user account. Every individual must have their own account, as users are not permitted to share generic user accounts.

Your HiVE subscription includes a set number of user licenses. You can view these as a 'pool of licenses' to share between your users. Each active user account takes up a single license. If you run out of licenses, you can purchase more on a per user basis.

You can also deactivate a user's account at any time and reallocate it to a different user. This lets you share your available user licenses within your organization. Deactivated users cannot access the system, but their details will be saved, and you can reactivate them at any time.

The HiVE's permission system lets you control what your users can and can't do on your site. It helps you protect your site's data and content and by giving you control to assign various roles and permissions to your users, either on a sitewide or project by project basis.

You do this by assigning users to different User Types and User Roles, depending on what you want them to have permission to do on your site.

User Types

You can assign your users to two different User Types:

  • Site Administrators - Provides complete access to all the features and functions across your entire site.
  • Site Users - Provides limited access to some features and functions for specific projects on your site (depending on their assigned User Role).
  • Community members - are individuals that signed up to be part of your online community, they are the ones contributing and engaging with your website.

Only Site Administrators can add and manage other users on a site.

User Roles

As a Site User, you won't be able to do much on your site until a Site Administrator assigns you to a project and gives you a User Role. User Roles determine what you can do within a project, such as adding and publishing content or just adding content.

The HiVE has four standard User Roles:

  • Team Lead - Provides full access, authoring and publishing rights for all projects associated with a designated 'team'. Team Leads can also create new projects (in some cases) and access all data and reports for their team projects.
  • Project Lead - Provides access, authoring and publishing rights for a specific project. They can also access data, reports and files associated with that project and review and approve proposed changes from Project Authors via approvals workflows (Premium subscribers only).
  • Project Author - Provides access and authoring rights for a specific project but cannot publish content. A Project Lead must approve any content changes made by a Project Author via an approvals workflow (Premium subscribers only). They can also access data, reports and files associated with that project.
  • Preview User - Provides viewing rights to a specific project but do not have authoring or publishing rights or access to data, reports and files. This role is primarily for giving users access to draft projects to review before they are made live.

Note: You can now share view-only permissions in draft projects without needing to assign a Preview user role! Find out how to create a Shareable Preview User link here

A user can only be assigned one User Role at a time, but you can give them different roles for different projects.

If you're a Premium and Enterprise subscriber, you can also add and customise User Roles using our permission model (contact our support team to learn more).

Key actions

Here are the key functions you can perform to manage your Users.

Site Administrators can add new Site Users, which allocates an available Site User Licence.

To add a new Site User:

  1. Navigate to the Members area of the Dashboard and select the Add User button located in the upper, right of the page
  2. Select Site User from the dropdown menu
  3. Fill out the required information on behalf of the Site User (username, first name, last name and password are required).
  4. Select the blue Add button to submit
  5. Provide the Site User with the set password so they can access the Site using their email address.

Users will be allocated a Site User Licence automatically once added. A Site User Profile will also be created and can be viewed by following the username link in the users list of the Members area of the Dashboard.

Site User Profiles can be edited at any time by selecting the relevant user attribute, making any changes and confirming the change by selecting the tick button.

💡 User Tip

When adding a Site User, it is generally a good practice to request that they change the password supplied to them after their initial login for security purposes. Passwords can be changed by following the 'Forgot your password' link in the Sign In window.

Any User can be assigned as a Site Administrator after being added as a General User.

This action can only be performed by another Site Administrator, and will un-allocate the General User Licence assigned to that User and assign them a Site Administrator Licence.

To add (or remove) a Site Administrator:

  1. Navigate to the Members area of the Dashboard Panel and select the Internal Users tab.
  2. Select on the target username in the users list to view the User profile
  3. Select (or unselect) on the Yes (or No) text next to Nominate as a Site Administrator towards the end of the User Profile.
  4. Select Yes (or No) and then select on the blue .

Users can be deactivated by Site Administrators, or removed from the Platform by our Harvest staff.

Deactivated Users are not allocated User Licenses, so the deactivation function can be used to manage and free up additional User Licences.

Deactivating a User will remove their access to the Platform, but will retain their details for future use if required. When a User is deactivated, their User Licence is un-allocated and can be assigned to another User.

Deleting a User will permanently remove them from the User database and delete all details associated with their account. Once deleted, User information cannot be recovered and there is work do be done around not losing any data from possible contributions made by that user, which is why only Harvest members have the ability to do it.

To deactivate a user:

  1. Navigate to the Members area of the Dashboard Panel and select either the Community Members or Site Users tab.
  2. Select on the target username in the users list to view the User profile.
  3. Select the red Deactivate User button at the upper, right of the page to deactivate the user.

To delete a user:

Contact the Harvest team through the support channel.

User Roles determine which privileges a User has on a Site or a particular project or group of projects. User Roles can be assigned in the Permitted Users section of the Project Attributes, either on the creation of the project in step three of the Project Launch Wizard or by opening the ‘Settings’ function of an existing Project Page and following the ‘details link.

To assign a User Role (in most cases):

  1. Add the User to the Permitted Users list (Users must exist in the system before they can be added)
  2. Select the desired User Role the dropdown menu next to each User
  3. Save changes to assign the User Role

Updated Monday 27th June 2022