This guide covers everything you need to know about Form tool, one of the key participation tools in The Social Pinpoint toolbox. You can use the Form tool to create simple web forms (like an RSVP form) or build complex, dynamic surveys that educate in addition to collecting feedback.

Forms are great for collecting one-way feedback from your participants and are ideal for collecting basic information and personal details or conducting research. However, since they don't promote open dialogue or information sharing, you should be cautious not to use them exclusively (or excessively) in your engagement process.

You can add Form activities to any page on your site and choose between three different display styles. Check out the examples on this page to see the different types of forms you can create.

Forms can be a single question, or a complex display of questions and content. Keep in mind that participants can complete your forms and surveys more than once unless you enable the 'Unique Contributions ' setting which requires participants to register.

In this guide, you'll learn the basics of how to use the editor to build forms and surveys containing a variety of question and content elements, setup advanced logic to ask follow-up questions or show questions based on a previous response, view and report on your results and and take advantage of Social Pinpoint's Analysis Assistant to automate the analysis process.